A4 Rice Paper


      Digital Deco Designs A4 Rice Paper is a line of textured rice paper proudly distributed exclusively by All Paint Products.  Our rice paper is an excellent paper not only for decoupage but also for mixed media and other art & craft projects. The paper is very lightweight but strong and the printing technique, entirely produced in Italy, makes it a unique product for design and quality. There's a slightly smooth side with visible fibers and a soft-touch side.


      All Paint Products are delighted to bring you these beautiful and elegant decoupage papers.

      Each set contains 3 sheets, each sheet measuring 35 x 40 cm. Which will enable you to cover a large surface area.

      These durable decoupage papers are ideal for covering a variety of surfaces and objects, including wood, ceramics, plastic, glass, terracotta, MDF, canvases and paper mache shapes.

      Embellish your treasured items and furniture, or bring new life into old trinkets with these premium lightweight decoupage papers

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