Saltwash Paint Additive Powder for furniture and crafts


      Saltwash paint additive powder is a product invented to create a unique weather worn, layered sun and salt air soaked look in just three quick steps.  Saltwash® powder is made with real sea salt so you will notice it dries quickly and has great adhesion.  It can be mixed into any brand, color or finish of paint and is always used as a base coat. When mixed to the desired consistency, Saltwash® can be applied to almost any surface that takes paint. Originally intended for furniture, Saltwash® can also give a unique look to walls, flooring, metal, glass, fabric and even plastic.

      Saltwash® powder is a no voc product and all of the ingredients are considered safe in a normal working environment. We at Saltwash®, LLC are very conscientious of safety, so we recommend to always take appropriate safety precautions. Due to the fine composition of Saltwash® powder, we suggest wearing proper respiratory and eye protection when mixing and sanding. Saltwash® is manufactured in the U.S.A.

      Saltwash® powder is available in five sizes; a 42-oz can, a 10-oz can, a 4-oz Splash! can, a 2-gallon bucket and a 5-gallon bucket.


      Saltwash® powder 42-oz can, includes a 2-oz scoop for easy measuring. One 42-oz can is enough to cover approximately 65-75 square feet. For best results, we suggest to begin mixing with smaller quantities of paint, 16-oz is a great starting point, and to stir your Saltwash® mixture every 2-4 scoops. Please see mixing ratio table below.

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      Saltwash® powder 10-oz can is enough to cover approximately 15-20 square feet. Please see mixing ratio table below.

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      Saltwash® powder Splash Can! This cute 4-oz can is a great sample size for beginners to Saltwash®. Mix the entire can with approximately 4-oz of your favorite paint. Once mixed, the Splash! can will cover 3-5 square feet.


      The Saltwash® 2-gallon and 5-gallon buckets are the perfect size for the experienced DIYer who is covered in paint on a daily basis. Saltwash® buckets are available for purchase through all Authorized Saltwash® Retailers. The Saltwash® buckets are also a great option for retailers and individuals offering Saltwash® workshops.

      The Saltwash® powder 2-gallon bucket is equivalent to six large (42-oz) cans of Saltwash® powder.

      The 5-gallon bucket is equivalent to fifteen large (42-oz) cans of Saltwash® powder.



      Saltwash® Mix Stix are made from 100% Birch hard wood to ensure strength and durability in your stirs. They are the perfect match to achieve the ideal “icing-like” consistency of your Saltwash® mixture.

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      3 products