Eco-Friendly and Flexible Wood Moldings


      About Eco-Friendly and Flexible Wood Moldings

      Our story started during the month of June in 2021, when Michael was approached with an opportunity regarding an existing manufacturing process and realized that an exact same product was not properly packaged or marketed and that it's potential was under appreciated and over sold.  Since July 2021, a new branding of an existing product is underway with a launching of September 2021 in celebration of Labor Day as this time period is true and dear to Michael's heart. 

      With the enormous product release of over 3000 SKU's an artists design range is enormous and in fact simply limitless.  The launch of the flexible and bendable product when heated is a new standard in America and Canada as proper packaging, marketing, pricing, and brand development will set a tone for the foreseeable future. 

      This new endeavor that is being undertaken by All Paint Products is another collection to its portfolio of amazing products with a mindset of inclusiveness and collaboration.  We packaged our first wood moldings and trims in June of 2021 which allowed a professional showcasing of how when a product is plan for a market and packaged correctly its value can be appreciated and envisioned.  We look forward to suppling the global market place with an amazing product to include a solid line of pigments in varying sizes.

      With the rights to the United States of America and Canada secured by All Paint Products for this amazing product to include the right to sell this amazing product globally we foresee an opportunity for explosive growth and development that will become a new standard in the Art and Craft industry.  These rights had been forfeited in early 2021 by another company and are now exclusively those owned by All Paint Products.

      There exists over 3000 designs that come in various sizes of some being classified as small, medium and large.  With custom production capabilities and custom collection capabilities to include patenting design we foresee our newly launched product brand becoming a new gold standard for how Arts and Crafts influence and are utilized in our societies different segments.  

      The important thing that we value is lasting and rewarding relationships.  We welcome all to come join us and to collaborate with one another.  For those furniture artists let your creativity flow and allow yourself to be expressed with the multitude of products that exist for you to use. 

      In closing we look forward to working with all artisans and many other industries.  For those that enjoy Reddit AITA?


      1 product

      1 product