Handbag Redesign with Prima A300 Red 2″ X 9″ X 9.5″

Handbag Redesign with Prima A300 Red 2″ X 9″ X 9.5″

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Handbag Redesign with Prima A300 Red 2″ X 9″ X 9.5″

Let your creativity flow with our Redesign Limited Edition alterable goods! These fabulous handbags feature the perfect surface for adding your own creative touch using our Redesign With Prima Decor Transfers, Decor Wax, Decor Stencils and more! Made of genuine leather these handbags are sure to make a lasting impression.

Adding Re·design with Prima Decor Transfers to Leather Handbags/Purses/Backpacks:

  1. Before adding decor transfers™ to purses: make sure the surface is clean and free of any debris and dust.
  2. Apply transfers one area at a time, making sure to really rub well increases. Burnish all areas with your fingers to make sure transfers are well-adhered to the leather.
  3. You may seal your leather purse with any water-based sealer or leather salve to preserve life and spot clean. Renaissance Wax or Wise Owl salves work really well.

To Paint Leather Bags:

  1. Scuff sand with 220 grit sandpaper.
  2. You may use a primer first and then paint with a mineral paint.
  3. Paint leather with a paint that has acrylic or resin in it, as this keeps the paint flexible (Paint Couture, Mud Paint, Waverly, Rustoleum, as examples), high content chalk paints can crack.
  4. Seal with clear wax or a furniture salve, like Wise Owl ,Fusion Wax, Renaissance Wax.
  5. When painting make sure to get into any cracks, crevices, and creases to keep the paint from cracking later.

6.Your bag is now ready to apply a Redesign Decor Transfer!

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