Angelic Paint Couture Paint
Angelic Paint Couture Paint
Angelic Paint Couture Paint
Angelic Paint Couture Paint
Angelic Paint Couture Paint
Angelic Paint Couture Paint
Angelic Paint Couture Paint
Angelic Paint Couture Paint
Angelic Paint Couture Paint
Angelic Paint Couture Paint
Angelic Paint Couture Paint

Angelic Paint Couture Acrylic Mineral Paint

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Angelic is a heavenly neutral color that can complement so many pieces of furniture and DIY projects.  Having undertones of burnt yellow with a splash of black, Angelic is a beautiful creamy off-white that is so soft and inviting.  Angelic is perfectly balanced so look no further than to this heavenly color.

Angelic Paint Couture Acrylic Mineral Paint is an acrylic water based mineral paint. Paint Couture acrylic mineral paint is self-leveling and is an all in one paint with a built in primer and topcoat.  Paint Couture paint is proudly made with renewable resources making it environmentally friendly and safe with Zero VOC* (VOC <5 g/l).  It is made without any of the highly carcinogenic PVA (polyvinyl alcohol).  It has exceptional durability and amazing coverage while providing a silky smooth, matte finish.     

Use Paint Couture glaze to enhance your project for a distressed or antiqued look and don't forget about the Metallic Paints as well for added elegance.  Use Paint Couture 2-in-1 Premium Plus Bonding and Blocking Primer for non-wood surfaces or for wood that may bleed through with tannins.  Our Topcoats are recommended for heavy interior use or our Extreme Guard for exterior use.  Our Extender can be used to increase the dry time of our paints by adding small amounts, not to exceed 15%. 

Dry times are estimated based off ideal conditions (70F/21C, 70% humidity). Cool temperatures and high humidity can prolong dry time up to 8-10 hours.

Base:  Water Based
Sheen:  Matte
Approximate Coverage: 

10 sq. ft - 2oz
20 sq. ft - 4oz
40 sq. ft - 8oz
80 sq. ft - pint
160 sq. ft - quart
640 sq. ft - gallon

Application Methods:  Brush, Roll or Spray
Dry Time to Touch:  30 min
Dry Time to Recoat:  2 hours
Dry Time Before Light Use:  7-10 days
Dry Time Until Cured:  21 days

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