Core Soap Bundle of Four Scents
Core Soap Bundle of Four Scents

Core Soap Bundle of Four Scents

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Bundle of all four Core Soaps:  Orange, Lemon, Lime, and Lavender

Core Soap easily removes paint, grease, grime, dirt, oil, and so much more.  Hand crafted natural soap made with organic essential oil.  It has an unbleached natural loofah that adds extra scrubbing power.  Enjoy the deep cleaning and moisturizing power of Core Soap.    

NATURAL - Our organic essential oil smells amazing but also contributes to the cleaning process.  The natural loofah, combined with the organic oil that we use, allows for deep cleaning strength on all of our Core Soaps.  Natural colorant ingredients are used to achieve our distinctive colors while still keeping a focus on the natural loofah!

NATURAL AROMA SCENTS - That refreshing smell of is achieved by using premium organic oil.  Core Soap does not contain any imitation products or fragrances.  Core Soaps use organic essential oils such as orange, lemon, lime, and lavender.  We only use quality premium ingredients when creating our quality premium hand crafted soaps.

SUSTAINABLE NATURAL LOOFAH SOAP SCRUBBER - Core Soap is made by a passionate company that prides itself on the environment and the ingredients used in the making of our soaps.  By using a natural grown loofah, you can have the piece of mind that you are not destroying the environment.  We don't believe in using plastic scrubbers that can cause damage to our water ways such as our oceans and rivers which in turn harms our environment and planet Earth.  The great part of our loofah is that it is sustainably sourced and has many other uses as well when you use up all of your soap as well.

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