Extreme Guard Flat Topcoat by Paint Couture
Extreme Guard Flat Topcoat by Paint Couture
Extreme Guard Flat Topcoat by Paint Couture
Extreme Guard Flat Topcoat by Paint Couture
Extreme Guard Flat Topcoat by Paint Couture

Extreme Guard Flat Topcoat by Paint Couture

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Paint Couture Extreme Guard Flat Topcoat is a flexible and extremely durable, low VOC,  water based topcoat designed for furniture, cabinets and other high traffic surfaces.  Paint Couture Extreme Guard Flat Topcoat is water resistant with UV protection built in.  Paint Couture Extreme Guard is formulated for exterior use, however it may be used indoors as well.  Extreme Guard Topcoats can be used on top of Paint Couture Paints, Paint Couture Metallic Paints and Paint Couture Glaze Products.  There are many other products over which Paint Couture Extreme Guard Topcoats may be used, and we strongly suggest you do a test sample prior to starting your actual work. 

Stir thoroughly before use.  It is important that you do not shake.  If you accidently shake the product, let it sit for 2 hours prior to use.  Be sure project items that have been painted with Paint Couture Paint have dried fully, at least four (4) hours and glazed pieces 24 hours.  Apply Paint Couture Extreme Guard Topcoat with a good quality synthetic brush, a foam brush, a Lambs Wool Applicator or use a sprayer.  It may be lightly sanded after 45 minutes of first coat.  Allow two (2) hours to dry.  If adding a second coat of Paint Couture Extreme Guard Topcoat, lightly sand with 400 grit sandpaper, wipe away any dust residue and then apply the second coat.  Paint Couture Topcoat products are recommended for a more durable finish.

Clean up: Use warm soapy water.

Approximately 20 square feet per half pint (4 fl. oz / 118 ml)
Approximately 40 square feet per half pint (8 fl. oz / 237 ml)
Approximately 80 square feet per pint (16 fl. oz / 473 ml)
Approximately 160 square feet per quart (32 fl. oz / 946 ml)

Caution: Use with adequate ventilation.  Do not take internally.  Close container after each use.  Do not topcoat projects out of the container, but instead pour off what you need.  Avoid contact with eyes and prolonged contact with skin.  Avoid breathing spray mist.  If accidentally swallowed, contact a physician or the local poison control center.  Keep out of reach of children.  Do not freeze.  Use and store between 50°-90°F.  Do not use in direct sunlight.


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