House Finches and Candy Cane Wreath Decoupage Rice Paper A4 Item No. 0312 by AB Studio

House Finches and Candy Cane Wreath Decoupage Rice Paper A4 Item No. 0312 by AB Studio


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House Finches and Candy Cane Wreath Decoupage Rice Paper A4 Item No. 0312 by AB Studio

A4 Size: 8.27 x 11.69 inches (210mm x 297mm)
34-35 GSM / high quality print
Design area: 7.87 x 11 inches (200mm x 280mm)

This decoupage rice paper from AB Studio is stunning and delicate to the touch.  The beautiful colors printed on the decoupage rice paper will enhance your project.  The paper composition is light weight.

You can use various kinds of mediums or varnish to adhere the decoupage rice paper, however we strongly recommend a quality decoupage medium such as Paint Couture Decoupage Medium Matte or Paint Couture Decoupage Medium Shine for use on any of the AB Studio decoupage papers.  Remember that a high gloss varnish will enhance the colors.

It is recommended to use a white or light colored background color for the paper to be vibrant.  Using other background colors will make it less visible.  If you use sandpaper, be careful not to ruin the pattern as it is delicate.

Rice paper is a great material for beginners because it is translucent, elastic, and delicate to the touch.  Decoupage rice paper by AB Studio is thin and very durable, yet it is also flexible and easy to apply to any surface without visible wrinkles.  Apply just a little decoupage medium to your piece and then apply the decoupage paper.  Apply a thin layer of decoupage medium on top of the paper.  The paper will hold firmly to the project surface when using a decoupage medium.  Some decoupage rice papers have fibers that are visible, but these do not affect the decoupage medium and are part of an original look.

AB Studio decoupage rice papers can also be used for scrapbooking, card making, collage, paper crafting, junk journaling, mixed media creations and much more.

We take pride in offering AB Studio decoupage papers as they offer a wide selection of unique designs with vibrant colors that do not fade or wash off when they come in contact with glue.  When working with decoupage rice paper, the images should be torn away from the paper and not cut with scissors.  The irregular edge of the rice paper is really easy to hide on the surface of decorated pieces.  Completed works should be sealed with decoupage medium or a quality topcoat.

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