Pouring Resin is a high gloss acrylic pouring medium that is great for paint pours on canvas, wood and furniture.

Pouring Resin by Paint Couture

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Let your imagination loose and get creative by using Paint Couture Pouring Resin to create high gloss pieces of art on furniture, canvas or wood.

Our Pouring Resin is beautifully formulated to flow and level by itself and create a thick high gloss finish.  Creators can let loose their imagination and create beautiful pieces of art on wood or canvas or on furniture top surfaces.  The best part of our Pouring Resin is that it works well with all of our Paint Couture Acrylic Mineral Paints, Lux Metallics, German Glass Glitters, Perfect Pigments and Pure Concentrated Pigments.  To use or Pouring Resin with Paint Couture Paint or Lux Metallics simply add a few drops and then stir after stirring simply start pouring and let your imagination go wild.  Once done pouring tilt your surface area around or use a silicone spreading tool create a desired look.


You may use the Pouring Resin as a topcoat.  If you use as a topcoat you will get a very high gloss.  You may use as a very thick decoupage pouring medium.  If using in silicone molds you will not want to go over 1/16" in depth as shrinkage will occur and instead pour in thin layers.  When using a fondant mold our Pouring Resin will achieve great results.   You can add Paint Couture Glaze to create a toned stain look or simply add Lux Metallics to create a pearlescent look.


Stir Pouring Resin before using.  For best results use on a flat horizontal surface as our pouring resin is self-levelling.  Use a silicone pointed spreading tool to create decorative designs and accents.  Do not use a porous material to interact with your project piece once poured such as a paint stick, paint brush as this will have an adverse effect on your paint pour project.
Add color to your Pouring Resin by using Paint Couture Perfect Pigments or Paint Couture Pure Concentrated Pigments to achieve a lustrous or vibrant looks.  Adding German Glass Glitter will add some brilliant sparkle due to the reflective natures of real glass.  You can also use any of our wonderful Paint Couture Acrylic Mineral Paint, Lux Metallics, Sheer Metallics or Heavy Metallics to create a one of a kind amazing piece.
Please note that you do not want to add more than ten percent of paint to the Pouring Resin as this will have an adverse impact on the flowing ability of the Pouring Resin.  The less paint used the better which is why we suggest Pure Concentrated Pigments or our Perfect Pigment products.
If you get bubbles tap the surface to help the bubbles settles.  You may also use cool air to help the Pouring Resin flow along with tilting surface area in different directions if possible.


6 square feet per 4oz container which will do several small canvas pieces or a night stand.
12 square feet per 8oz container which will do a pair of night stands and dresser.
25 square feet per 16oz container is great for a dinning table project and so much more.


Can be used on paint canvas, shadow wood boxes,  furniture top, or any flat surface that Paint Couture products adheres to.  Once fully dried it is a super durable, high gloss finish. Pour in thin layers to create a dimensional look.  You can paint between layers or pour paint or use texture products over an existing layer to create a multi-dimensional look.  

  • Dries to a strong high gloss finish

  • Simple and easy to use

  • Is an incredibly strong topcoat

  • Non-toxic

Application Method: Pour on
Indoor & Outdoor Use: Yes
Recoat & Dry Time: 2 to 8 hours
Requires Sealant: No
Clean Up: Warm soapy water
Coverage: 4oz - 6 sq. ft. |  8oz - 12 sq. ft. 16oz - 25 sq. ft.  
Sheen: High Gloss 
Non-Recommended Surfaces: Not for oil or wax surfaces.
Can Be Painted Over: Yes - Great for creating dimensional effects.
Cure Time: 24 Days
Project Care and Maintenance: Luke warm soap and water.

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